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Marlow Moss: Sources

The initial information on every page is taken from Lucy Howarth's Ph.D thesis on Moss (LH). This is then supplemented by Florette Dijkstra's work (FD) and the catalogue of the 2017 Zurich exhibition (FM), mainly for images of the works and any later information on their whereabouts.
After that the Gimpel (G&H) and Stedelijk (SM) catalogues will be integrated, then the third source category is miscellaneous - any other exhibition catalogues, auction sites and catalogues and general internet searches.

LH The principal work on Marlow Moss is Lucy Howarth's 2008 Ph.D thesis, a bargain at £30 (when I bought it this year, 2017) or free as a PDF from the British Library. The work is in three volumes, including a Catalogue Raisonné. No image is shown because the British Library binding is plain black.


FD Before the Catalogue Raisonné, the most comprehensive study of Moss's work was Florette Dijkstra's Marlow Moss: Constructivist + the Reconstruction Project (tr. Annie Wright). I bought this from Amazon, but it is currently showing there as unavailable. The book comprises:
a biography;
details of the reconstuction project, recreating all Moss's known works on a smaller scale;
a catalogue of works;
a chronology; and
a useful bibliography.

Forgotten Maverick

FM More recently, the book that prompted me to start work on this site, Marlow Moss: A Forgotten Maverick. Published alongside the 2017 Moss exhibition in Zurich, the book contains three essays, including one by Lucy Howarth on the use of double lines. It is available from Amazon.


G&H The catalogue for the 1973 Gimpel & Hanover Galerie exhibition is a small but perfectly formed and well illustrated booklet. I bought a copy in October 2017 for SFr75 (£?), the only copy I could find on sale at the time.. Many of the works were lost after that show, a story told by Ankie de Jongh-Vermeulen in Forgotten Maverick and which I will elaborate in due course.
The cover is plain white with the text "Marlow Moss" - I'll scan it in due course.

Stedelijk Museum

SM The catalogue for the 1962 Stedelijk Museum exhibition is more modest than G&H but is the first book on Moss that I bought and it provided the biographical summary I have used on various sites since 2002 (and for which an update is long overdue).


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