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ID PR18, P/R18, S13
Title White, Red and Grey
Date 1935
Media Oil on canvas
Size 56 x 56 cm
Signed see notes
Location van Veggel Collection
Provenance Previously in the collection of W. S. Nijhoff.
References Illustration 16, p. 48, Ankie De Jongh-Vermeulen, Marlow Moss -De Constructie Van Een Nieuwe Werkelijkheid, Jong-Holland Vol. 10, No. 4,1994, pp. 40-52.
Exhibitions Amsterdam 1962, Middelburg 1972, Arnhem 1994-5.
Auctions Lot 255 at the Twentieth Century Art sale, Christie's Amsterdam, on 30th November 2000. Sold for 93,616 GLDR to a private buyer.
Sources LH, image from FM.
Notes LH notes, "Frame signed M Moss 1935. Stretcher signed with indistinct inscription of title (? )'No. 41'.
In a photograph of the instillation of the 1972 show at Middelburg Town Hall this work seems to have been hung with the right hand corner at the top, p. 220 Andre Oosthoek, Marlow Moss, Een Zeer Engelse Miss Aan De Walcherse Duinen, Zeeuws Tijdschrift, 1972,
This work was illustrated on the poster and on the front of the private view card of 1994-1995
Arnhem show".



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