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ID PR29, P/R29, S22
Title White with Cord
Date 1940
Media Oil on canvas with cord
Size 54 x 54 cm
Location Museum of Modern Art, New York. Accession number 1053.
Provenance Donated to the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1983-1984, as part of the Riklis Collection of McCrory Corporation.
References Willy Rotzler, Constructive Concepts: A History of Constructive Art from Cubism to the Present, 1977, Trans. Stanley Mason. Zurich: ABC, 1977, p164
Magdalena Dabrowski, Contrasts of Form: Geometric Abstraction 1910-1980. New York: The Museum of Modem Art, 1985, p. 191
Catalogue number 10 in Oosthoek, Andreas, and Max Bill. Marlow Moss: Bilder. Konstructionen, Zeichmungen, Zurich: Gimpel and Hanover Gallery, 1973.
Exhibitions Hanover 1958, Amsterdam 1962, Middelburg 1972, Gimpel 1973-4, Carus 1979, MoMA 1985.
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