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ID PR30, P/R30, S23
Title White: Wooden Relief
Date 1940
Media Oil on wood
Size 54 x 54 cm
Location Whereabouts unknown
References Randy Rosen, Marlow Moss: Did She Influence Mondrian's Work of the Thirties? Arts Magazine. April 1979, pp. 163-65 Figure 3.
Ankie De Jongh-Vermeulen, Marlow Moss - De Constructie Van Een Nieuwe Werkelijkheid, Jong-Holland Vol. 10, No. 4,1994, pp. 40-52, illus 14, p. 47.
And the Gimpel exhibition catalogue.
Exhibitions Middelburg 1972, Gimpel 1973-4, Carus 1979, Arnhem 1994-5.
Sources LH. Image from FM.
Notes LH notes, "This work is displayed various different ways up. The above orientation is how Florette Dijkstra displayed it at the Arnhem show. A rotation once to the right corresponds with Moss's own preliminary drawing (see WP27). Oosthoek rotated it once anti-clockwise from there, and de Jongh-Vermeulen places it on its corner to form a lozenge with the double line as vertical".



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