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ID PR58, P/R58, S45
Title Composition in White, Black and Yellow
Date 1953
Media Oil on canvas
Size 61.5 X 46 cm
Signed Slower right-hand side of frame, "Marlow Moss 1953".
Location Private collection
References Gimpel exhibition catalogue.
Exhibitions Amsterdam 1962, Middelburg 1972, Gimpel 1973-4, Austin/Desmond 2007, 2008.
Auctions and sales LH notes in 2008, "This painting was priced at £50,000 at Austin / Desmond in the summer of 2008, but
seemingly has not yet sold".
Notes LH notes, "I saw this painting at Austin / Desmond in July 2008.
I noted that the thick and visible brush marks are all horizontal, and slightly wavey.
The size of the painting itself is closer to 30.5 x 46 cm (the measurements given in the Gimpel and Hanover catalogue and the Stedelijk catalogue). The measurements given above include the frame also".


PR58 detail
PR58 detail

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