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ID PR59, P/R59, S46
Title Composition in White, Black and Red
Date 1953
Media Oil on canvas
Size 61 x 76 cm
Signed bottom right-hand side of frame, "Marlow Moss 1953".
Location Stedelijk Museum Collection, Amsterdam (A21232).
Provenance Purchased by the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, from W. S. Nijhoff, Lausanne in 1962 after
their 1962 exhibition.
References Amsterdam exhibition catalogue.
Exhibitions Amsterdam 1962, Arnhem 1994-5 and see note.
Notes LH notes, "This could … have been one of the works exhibited at Measurement and Proportion at the London A. I. A. Gallery. 10th -1 9th May 1955". and
"I saw this work in the Stedelijk Store 30th June 2006 with Geurt Imanse. I noted that there were many layers visible on the painted surface, resulting in an embossed or quilted effect at the planes. The white ground had horizontal brush marks. It was utterly crisp and clean, apart from the slight cracking at the edges of the stretcher over the nails, and at the corners of the frame. The red is cadmium but dull (even pinkish): it is soft. The black is soft and matt, and very dense. The white is probably titanium: rich and creamy. Overall this Japanese-looking work embodies a tremendous balance; the forms are caught in stasis, slotted and locked together."


PR59 in storage at the Stedelijk

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