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ID PR60, P/R60, S47
Title Blue, Red, Black and White (no. 3)
Date 1953
Media Oil on Canvas
Size 101.5 x 80 cm
Signed lower right-hand corner of canvas, "Marlow Moss 1953". Also signed on frame.
Location Whereabouts unknown
Provenance Listed as "private collection, The Netherlands" by Florette Dijkstra's (FD). Previously it was in the collection of Wouter Stefan Nijhoff. Sold in 2004 by Jonathan Clark Fine Art to an undisclosed buyer.
References Jonathan Clarke exhibition catalogue
Exhibitions Hanover 1958, Amsterdam 1962, Middelburg 1972, Arnhem 1994-5, Jonathan Clark 2004.
Auctions Lot 256, at the Twentieth Century Art sale, at Christie's Amsterdam, on 30th November 2000. It sold, at well over the estimate of 20,000 - 30,000 GLDR, at 72,552 GLDR.
Notes LH notes, "The measurements not including the frame are 92 x 69 cm.
Auction information from www. artnet. com.
The frame of the work can be seen in Dijkstra's photograph at the Arnhem show (image 2)."



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