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ID PR66, P/R66, S-
Title Untitled: 16/8/1956
Date 1956
Media Oil on canvas
Size 75 x 75 cm
Location (2008) Gillian Jason, Modern & Contemporary Art Gallery, London.
Provenance This work was in the collection of Sheila Legge, poet and Surrealist muse.
Exhibitions Amsterdam 1962, Middelburg 1972, Gimpel 1973-4.
Notes LH notes, "The painting is not in pristine condition in general, and there is some chipping to the edges. The canvas has been somewhat badly re-stretched; it is possible that it was Moss's intention to have a white strip at the top of the composition.
The surface is rich, hard and lacquered -and the abutment of colours is mosaic tile-like. The yellow and red both seem to be translucent rather than opaque, and the red particularly (vermilion) is jewel-like. The glossy sheen of the paint could indicate a varnish, or a high ratio of oil content in the mixture. There is some indication of masking. The large white area is translucent and marble-like."



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