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ID PR71, P/R71, S54
Title White, Yellow, Blue and Red
Date 1956-57
Media Oil on canvas
Size 98 x 98 cm
Location The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Accession number: 872.1166.
Provenance Gift of W. S. Nijhoff, via Dr. Willem Sandberg, Amsterdam, to the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
References Ankie De Jongh-Vermeulen, Marlow Moss - De Constructie Van Een Nieuwe Werkelijkheid, Jong-Holland, Vol. 10, No. 4,1994, Illustration 10, p45, (in black and white).
And in the Galerie Creuze (installation shot) and Hanover exhibition catalogues.
Exhibitions Galerie Creuze 1957, Hanover 1958, Amsterdam 1962.
Notes LH notes, "A black and white photograph of this painting is held in the un-catalogued Paule Vezelay collection of the Tate Archives. It is dated 1955-6. A detailed diagram of the colour composition is written in pencil on the back.
A preliminary drawing is in existence, in colour, with calculations, see WP35.
This painting appears in a black and white photograph of Marlow Moss's studio taken in 1958".


PR71 in studio

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