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ID SC4, S/C4, B1
Title Sculptural Form
Date 1943
Media White marble
Location Since her death in 1971 this sculpture has marked the grave of A. H. Nijhoff in the churchyard of Biggekerke, Walcheren, Zeeland, The Netherlands, see images 2 and 3.
References Andreas Oosthoek, Marlow Moss: Ruimte, Ritme En Licht' Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant, 8th April 1972, p. 15.
Illustrated in detail and on site on p. 217 of Andre Oosthoek, Marlow Moss, Een Zeer Engelse Miss Aan De Walcherse Duinen', Zeeuws Tiidschrift, 1972, pp. 215-20.
Florette Dijkstra, Somewhere between Art and Life - the Constructivism of Marlow Moss', Ruimte, Vol. 2. Jaargang 11,1994, pp. 37-43.
Alan Fowler, A Forgotten British Constructivist Group: The London Branch of Groupe Espace, 1953-59, The Burlington Magazine Vol. CXLIX, No. 1248, March 2007, Figure 31, p175 (labelled as "'Natural form' 1954").
Exhibitions Hanover 1958, Middelburg 1972.
Notes LH notes, "There are several photographs of this work held in the Nijhoff / Oosthoek archive.
A black and white photograph of this work [the first image] is held in the un-catalogued Paule Vezelay collection at the Tate Archives. Moss's notes on the back of the photograph date it as 1946. It is, however, signed "Marlow Moss 1943" on the plinth".


A. H. Nijhoff's grave
SC4 inscription

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