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ID SC5, S/C5, B2
Title Sphere Raised by Tension of Curved Line
Date 1943
Media Steel wire and marble
Size 29 x 15 cm
References Ankie De Jongh-Vermeulen, Miss Marlow Moss En Mondriaan, Vrij Nederland. 7th January 1994, p. 50. Installation shot of Arnhem show (image 3).
And in the Gimpel exhibition catalogue.
Exhibitions Amsterdam 1962, Middelburg 1972, Gimpel 1973-4, Arnhem 1994-5.
Sources LH, fig. 1 from FM, fig. 2 from LH.
Notes LH notes, "Variable in appearance, for example the illustration from the 1973 Gimpel and Hanover Gallery catalogue [fig. 3] and the photograph of the 1994 Arnhem show that appeared in De Jongh-Vermeulen's 1994 Vrii Nederland article [fig. 4]".

"The [second] image (taken by Florette Dijkstra) shows 'Sphere Raised by Tension of Curved Line' at the Arnhem show, in the same position as the image from the De Jongh-Vermeulen article, however the angle of the shot gives the sculpture an entirely different appearance. The middle photograph above shows the sculpture arranged into a different form all together. This is to assume that the Gimpel and Hanover Gallery sculpture is the same object as the Arnhem one. This work can be seen on a table in a photograph taken of Moss's Lamorna studio in the fifties", see fig. 5.


fig. 1 SC5
fig. 2 SC5
fig. 3 SC5 Gimpel exhibition catalogue
fig. 4 SC5 Arnhem exhibition
fig. 5 Studio, Lamorna

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