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ID SC18, S/C18, B12
Title Balanced Forms in Gunmetal on Cornish Granite
Date 1956-57
Media Reinforced metal and granite
Size 26 x 32.5 x 27.5 cm
Location The Tate Gallery Collection, London (TO1114).
Provenance Bought by Erica Brausen of the Hanover Gallery in 1958. Then donated, by Brausen, to the Tate Gallery, London, in 1969, along with the relief painting PR46.
References A. M. Hammacher, Modern English Sculpture. London, Thames and Hudson, 1967, p. 58.
And the Hanover exhibition catalogue.
Exhibitions Hanover 1958.
Sources LH
Fig. 1 is from FM. It is a composite image as the original covers two pages.
This version of fig. 3 is from FM.
Notes LH notes, "It is apparent in Florette Dijkstra's photographs of this piece in the Tate Store that the spherical part of the sculpture is penetrated by a conical hole, and that the colour of the metal is warm and brass-like". [fig. 2]
The plinth has been adjusted since the photograph that appears in the 1958 Hanover Gallery
"The conical hole is also visible in [fig. 3]. It is this image that appears in Hammacher 1967. Documentation of this work exists in the Tate Archives: an acquisition report, and several letters between Richard Morphet Assistant Keeper of the Tate and Erica Brausen".


fig. 1 SC18
fig. 2 SC18, Florette Dijkstra
fig. 3 SC18, Hammacher
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