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ID SC20, S/C20, B15
Title Egg-Shaped and Cylindrical Form on a Pentagonal Base
Date 1956-57
Media Painted wood
Size 90 x 102 cm
Location Whereabouts unknown
References Andreas Oosthoek, Marlow Moss: Ruimte, Ritme En Licht, (speech at Middelburg Exhibition). Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant, 8th April 1972, p. 15.
And the Hanover and Gimpel exhibition catalogues.
Exhibitions Hanover 1958, Amsterdam 1962, Middelburg 1972, Gimpel 1973-4.
Sources LH, fig. 1 from FM, fig. 2 from LH.
Notes LH notes, "In 1975, on behalf of W. S. Nijhoff, the Gimpel and Hanover Gallery did two polyester casts of this work. One cast went to Nijhoff (and now resides in the Nijhoff / Oosthoek Collection); the other remained at the gallery and was offered for sale at the time of the London Gimpel Fils exhibition. It is no longer in the Gimpel Collection now, so it can be assumed that it too was returned to Nijhoff, and resides either at `Antoinette' in The Netherlands (the casts were designed for display outside) or in the Nijhoff / Oosthoek Collection, stored in Zurich".

"Andreas Oosthoek loaned a polyester cast, rather than the original wooden maquette for exhibition at the 1994-95 Arnhem show… photograph [fig. 2] taken by Florette Dijkstra.
A version of this work can be seen on a table in the background of a photograph taken of Moss's Lamorna studio in the fifties."


fig. 1 SC20
fig. 2 Cast of SC20


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