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ID WP2, WoP2, T-
Title Zeichnung Nr 3
Date 1943
Media Ink and gouache on paper
Size 50 x 34.6 cm
Signed yes
Location Musee de Grenoble, France
Provenance Donated by Wouter Stefan Nijhoff to the Musee de Grenoble, 22nd November 1986.
References Serge Lemoine and Marianne Le Pommere, eds. Image d'une collection Musee de Grenoble, Paris: Reunion des Musees Nationaux, 1999, p147.
Exhibitions This was possibly exhibited at the 1979 show Marlow Moss at the Carus Gallery, New York, although the measurements do not match any of the four 1943 drawings exhibited (catalogue numbers 3, 4, 5 and 6).
Sources LH, FM
Notes LH notes, "It is possibly significant that this drawing entered the collection at Grenoble the year of W. S. Nijhoff's death.
A black and white photograph of what appears to be this drawing is in the possession of Hazel Rank Broadley [fig. 2]. However, the notes in Moss's hand writing on the back of the photograph [fig. 3] indicate that the lines of the work are coloured, which seemingly does not correspond with the Grenoble work".

FM shows WP2 as untitled, with materials, measurements and whereabouts unknown. The illustration used in FM (not shown here) is black-and-white.


fig. 2
fig. 3


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